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Help Wanted: Project Thrive Navigator

Join a diverse team of smart, passionate colleagues who take pride in meaningful work guided by strong core values and a powerful mission. We are recruiting a Navigator for our Project Thrive Program. Project Thrive helps families struggling financially to meet their families needs and navigate out of poverty by working with a support team. This position will be the Initial point of entry for Project Thrive and will provide emergency stabilization services, resource referrals, and case management to income qualified individuals.

We have:

  •          An inspiring workplace
  •         Challenging and meaningful work
  •          A productive, collaborative environment

You Have:

  •         A passionate and strength-based approach to engaging children and adults
  •          Excellent relationship building skills
  •         A team-based mentality
  •         A solution-based personality with a good sense of humor
  •          Ability to bring people together
  •          Demonstrated knowledge of human behavior and performance, including child and human development
  •          At least five years of management experience and experience working directly with families and children. 
  •          Or, an equal combination of education and work experience

Find the complete Job Description here:

Thrive Navigator-Intake.pdf

If you are a team player and thrive on bringing people together to accomplish a common goal in a positive and fast paced environment, please submit the following to Director of Administration, Tifany Resser at tifany@compass4families.org

1) Cover Letter

2) Resume

3) Two letters of Recommendation

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